St. Mary Catholic Church

the Bethlehem of the Diocese of Palm Beach

Home of the 16th Century Russian Jeweled Icon

"Our Lady of Bethlehem"

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A Message from Our Pastor

 Welcome to St. Mary Catholic Church of Pahokee, Florida, lovingly called the "Bethlehem" of the Diocese of Palm Beach! Certainly you will see from the following pages that St. Mary is an exciting place to be! Just an hour and twenty minutes from Palm Beach, St. Mary becomes a world unto its own on the southern part of Lake Okeechobee surrounded by sugar cane and wetlands!
Home to agricultural America, its new inhabitants since the late 1960's have changed the face of this small town forever! Coming from Central and South American as well as from Mexico and the Islands, our People mingle many rich cultures and folklore into the rich and dark soil of this All American land!
I invite all of you to read on and then come and visit us! Our differences make a difference and we could certainly use your help in any way you can to assist us in our God given vocation of helping others help themselves!
Our new building is now open so that both English and Spanish services can be held in the proper church setting.  We are well on our way, but your continued financial help can maintain our beautiful new church.
Father Juan Raúl Cárdenas, Pastor 

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St. Mary Catholic Church

1200 East Main Street, Pahokee, FL 33476, US

(561) 924-7305

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