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St. Mary's Free Dental Clinic


St. Mary's Free Dental Clinic is open Tuesdayand Wednesday , 7:00am to 3:00pm

The St. Mary Catholic Church Clinic was opened on August 27, 1994. Mr. Michael R. Kalland donated the $16,000.00 necessary to build it in a renovated classroom in the Holy Family Hall, located at St. Mary's campus.

Volunteer doctors had come to our clinic twice a week and a bilingual receptionist translated for the doctors and patients. Service was given free of charge. The dentist comes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Reverend Anthony J. Chepanis of St. Lucy Church in Highland Beach, Florida donated the funds to buy a shed, which now houses the supplies for the clinic. In the year 2000, four new examination rooms were added due to a $48,000.00 donation.

Dr. Phillip and Lisa Crawford started a dental clinic in early 2000. Volunteer dentists along with dentists from the health dept. now join Dr. Crawford and his wife, Lisa and their assistant ,Maria Recio  to minister to our patients .

A special thanks to these dedicated medical professionals for making our free clinic a resounding success, providing much needed services to our parish members and local citizens of Pahokee and Canal Point. Please help support this endeavor by making a contribution to our clinic as we supply needed drugs and medicines and help fill needed prescriptions.

Starting this May of 2013 we have the great joy of announcing the opening of the new renovated and enlarged Dental Clinic by 2500 square feet! We are grateful to Dr. Phillip Crawford for securing  the funds from a local Dental Foundation of more than $550,000.00 for this renovation and to the Health Care District and the C.L. Brumback Center for helping us with some  much needed equipment and internet computers! May God bless them all!